Favourite City: Stockholm
Top 3 Interests or Hobbies: Cycling, Hiking, Music
Favourite Sport:
Anything Extreme
Favourite Haircut:
Mid length scissor cut or textured crop.
Peanut butter or Nutella: Nutella
Years in the Barbering Industry: 2 Years
Languages: English and Swedish



Favourite City: Definitely prefer smaller towns to the cities. If I can pick a town, Bled in Slovenia, or Nürburg in Germany.
Top 3 Interests or Hobbies: (So hard! So many!)  Mechanics/ Motorsport, Music/ Art, Gaming
Favourite Sport:
Favourite Haircut:
short back and sides with a cropped/ messy front fringe.
Peanut butter or Nutella:
(God don’t make me chose!) as a child, I was obsessed with peanut butter, in fact the 3rd word I ever spoke was ‘butter’ as I demanded more peanut butter. But I am certainly a chocoholic 😉
Years in the Barbering Industry: 6!
Languages: Only English currently, with a growing interest in many others.



Favourite City: Barcelona!
Top 3 Interests or Hobbies: Family, sports, sneakers.
Favourite Sport: Basketball.
Favourite Haircut: Skin fade with a lot of texture on top.
Nutella or Peanut Butter? Peanut Butter.
Languages: English, Russian, and Polish.



Favourite City: Dubai.
Top 3 Interests or Hobbies: Fishing, traveling and politics.
Favourite Sport: Basketball.
Favourite Haircut: Anything with a skin fade.
Peanut Butter or Nutella? Nutella.
Years in the Barber Industry: 16 amazing years!
Languages: English, Arabic, French, and a bit of Swedish.


Barber/ Owner

Favourite City: Other than Stockholm, I’d have to say Austin, TX.
Top 3 interests or hobbies: family, rock climbing, cafe racers.
Favourite Sport: Anything on a bike.
Favourite Haircut: Long slicked back with a bald taper at the neck.
Peanut Butter or Nutella? Peanut butter everyday, every way!
Years in the Barber Industry: 10 years.
Languages: English, Swedish.