The Story

In the heart of Stockholm, Sweden — specifically on Södermalm — in the basement of a restaurant, an old unused room was slowly being restored from nothing.

It was in the magnificent year of 2014, and it was the first location of MacLaren Barbers emerging to see the first light of day.

“It all started with a thought. I wanted to give Stockholm the true Barbershop experience,” says Ben Laws, owner and founder.

The idea and thought that sparked the entire family of barbershops was that of an old school barbershop. One where time slows down, and good conversation, quality craftsmanship and integrity is on the top of the priority list.

From skin fades to shaves, each service would be performed in a meticulously designed environment with the various tools being of as high a quality as the one wielding it.

“Since we believe that a great barbershop and service is only half the experience, we needed to find the ‘other half’… barbers! World class barbers!” says Ben.

And that has been the core of the MacLaren Barbers from the beginning until now. Quality barbers, employing their hard-earned skills with passion.

“It’s been a real process for us to find our barbers, but it’s been worth it! All of them are truly passionate about what they do, with at least 3 years of professional experience each. We have to say it, we’re really proud of our team!”